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Join GRC Through Our company & Be Earning $25 / $50 / $200 / $2000 Daily.

by Charles Aladesiun  |  in TouchingLivesint at  20:27
Yes, this is real. You will be making $25 ( N4000 ) / $50 ( N8000 ) / $200 ( N32,000 ) / $2000 ( N320,000 ) and more, everyday if you join our company on GRC.

  When you join us, we will be working for you and you will start getting paid $25 ( N4000 ) for a start. It will later increase to $50 ( N8000 ). $200 ( N32,000 ) will follow, next will be $2000 ( N320,000 ) and so on.

You will be in total control of your money. Nobody will hold it. No need for withdrawal request. When you are to be paid, you get it straight to the account or method of payment you choose, including your Local Bank Account.

   Here, it is member to member payment. Members are paying each other.

  How will you feel, if you are getting these kind of money everyday, with our company doing everything required to earn them, done for you ?

The person that invited us to the GRC company made over $5,625 ( N900,000 ) within two weeks. He paid for our account with his own money. He was eager to see us join in because he knew we will make a lot of money fast, from it.

    Believe me, this is one of the program that will make you a millionaire within a short time. Without anyone helping you, you will make money from it but to make it a lot faster, you need to consider joining through us.

  We are a company. We work as a team. You know, working as a team will speed things up than one person doing it. Joining through us will surely earn you a lot of money from this company.

   The name of the company we will be helping you make money from is :

           GoldMine Resource Center.

Goldmine Resource Center is a mentoring center for empowering aspiring entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs that are passionately driven by desire to turn their vision of building world class business into reality.

    It is a mental and financial empowerment center that empowers members with relevant skills, knowledge and finances needed to start up a striving business.

        This company is your best bet if you are looking for someone to help fund or finance your business, project, idea etc.

 This company is offering three different packages to members and they are :

1. Fund Cooperative.
             This package help members build up capital of over $200,000 ( N32,000,000 ) within a short period of time by pulling resources together. You must have project you wish to embark on that requires funding.

2. Mentoring Program.

                   This program help members succeed in their business by providing information needed to start off a striving business. GoldMine Resources Center offers daily mentoring program to members. The company is having a resources center where members can get relevant materials, tutoring and attend seminars to help them prepare for an excellent business plan execution and management. Weekly training and webinars are offered to members.

3. My Business and You 

                   This is a special package from the company that helps to ensure and guarantee the success of members by helping them showcase their businesses to members within their platform and to the virtual community.

    Here, business that started as a result of the program is advertised and publicized to the whole world, at little or no cost.

        You will be able to enjoy all these when you have become a member of the company.

     How You Will Be Making Money From The Company

     The company is using a Matrix Program or Plan through which members are earning money and other incentives. There are Two Matrix Stages with each having Three Levels.

    The Two matrix Stages Are :

        i. Diamond

   ii. Platinum.

                            Both are 3 x 3 Matrix, meaning maximum of three people will be or can be placed under you and there are three levels.

        To join the company, you will have to pay $25 ( N4000 ) for your registration. You will pay the money to your Inviter / Sponsor, who will register you from his or her Goldmine Resources Center Member's page or Dashboard after logging into the company site.

   You cannot register yourself. You have to pass through someone who is already a member. The member will register you and activate your account. You are to provide him or her the information to use for the registration like Your Name / Username / Country ( as Address ) / E-mail / Phone Number etc.

       You can edit these details yourself when you have been registered and you have logged into your own member area or Dashboard.

After your registration, you need to bring or invite three people ( You will get that from us, if you can't. You will get all the benefit for bringing them. The three will pay to you. Remember, we can only have three people placed under us ) who will also pay you directly for their own registration. They will pay their own $25 ( N4000 ) each to you and you will register them, the same way you were registered. You will log in to the company site  and click on :

           Referral Statistic Menu


           Register Mentee Team

  You will fill the form that comes up with the new member's details. You will only do this after the new member had paid you.

           You can't have more than three under you. Once you have gotten your three, the company website will force you to upgrade to Level Two.

  The three under you will pay total of $75 ( N12,000 ),that is $25 ( N4000 ) each to you, out of that, you are to upgrade to Level Two with $50 ( N8000 ). You will keep $25 ( N4,000 ) as your gain.

             The $50 ( N8000 ) will be paid to your upline or sponsor who must have reached Level two at the time.

You will pay the money to him or her using any method of payment you want so far he or she accepts it. You will then go to the site and fill the form that will alert your sponsor that, you have paid to him or her, for your Level Two Upgrade.

  The sponsor must approve your upgrade within three days or else, his or her account will be locked. And you too must upgrade when you are through with Level One or your account will be locked.

  Once you are in Level Two, you will be receiving $50 ( N8000 ) from Nine ( 9 ) people for their own Level Two Upgrade. This means, you will get total of $50 ( N8000 ) X 9 = $450 ( N72,000 ). Inviting new members is no more necessary here. Those in Level One will be the one to be paying you when they are through with the level and want to move to Level Two. If you keep on bringing people in, you will be helping those under you by placing three people under any of them that is yet to have or get his or her own three.

   Once the nine ( 9) payment is completed, the company site will force you again to upgrade to Level Three. You will pay $200 ( N32,000 ) to your Upline, who will also be in Level Three at the time.

   Out of the remaining balance, you will pay the Goldmine Recources Center Company $50 ( N8000 ) for their website usage. That will serve as admin fee. You will keep the balance of $200 ( N32,000 ) to yourself as your gain in Level Two.

  On Level Three, you will be receiving $200 ( N32,000 ) from Twenty-Seven ( 27 ) people. This will make you, total of $5,400 ( N864,000 ).

If you like, you can end your business here with the company and run away with the money you earned on this Stage or Upgrade to the second Stage which is Platinum. The company site won't force you. You will make the decision yourself.

       Platinum is another stage and it is having its own separate three Levels. So, you will start from Level One where three people will pay you.

  If you choose to upgrade, you will pay $2000 ( N320,000 ) to your Sponsor or Upline, who will be in Platinum Stage too. You will now start receiving $2000 ( N320,000 ) from three people.

  Once it is completed, you will then upgrade to Level Two where you will be get payment from Nine ( 9 ) people. Level three will follow and get payment from Twenty-Seven ( 27 ) people.

                 This is how you will be earning money from the company.

    Come and join through our company and we will work for you and make sure you get to all these Levels and make millions from the program. Like i mentioned earlier, we are working as a team. We help people make money online especially on programs that requires downlines or referring new members. We get them the downlines needed for them to make money from such program.

          We will do the same for you here if you join through us.

   We are using all available forms of advertising to get downlines to programs. Some of them are :

 1. Internet.

           Placing Adverts on Facebook / Blogs & Other Sites with lot of Traffic or Visits daily

              Posting on Forums everyday etc.

  2. Advertising on TV.   

 3.  Advertising on Radio

 4. Billboards

 5. Posters. 

6. Fliers.

 7. Stickers.

 8. News & Sport papers

                Millions of people read News and Sport papers everyday. 

 9. YouTube Video

 10. Placing Adverts on Commercial Buses

              This is another form of advertising that is yielding good results. Public or commercial buses especially the long ones are being used. 

 11. Big Offline Banners

              Big offline banners are used to promote to people and they are placed in places with lot of people passing by or always visiting.

 12. Seminars

              In case of programs or opportunities that can earn people money, Online and Offline seminars are organized to get people into it. The seminar are being held in lot of places. We always announce it two weeks on Internet,Radio, TV, Newspapers, Banners, Fliers before the date to make sure a lot of people attended. 

           Placing banners in Universities is also one of the methods we are using.

            We have teams of people that are going out daily to Schools, Mosques, Churches, Shops, Offices to promote and also Distribute Fliers, Paste Posters.

     We are working on our forum.  We are targeting at least 1,000,000 ( One Million ) members within a year. This will help a lot in our advertising.

   These are some of the advertising methods we are using.

            With all these forms of advertising, you will surely get people placed under you. Join us today and let us work for you.

  The earlier you join us the better. If you join us early, you will be able to get the three people that will fill your Level One, so that you can get promoted to Level Two on time. If you delay, it might take us time to help you with the three downlines because we will have to serve those that had joined us first.

      If you want your own three fast, you might have to pay for it by then. Join us now and we will be making lot of money for you from the program.

               Apart from making money from this GRC company, you will also get some other benefits. 

    The full Benefits are :

     Free Website

    Only an initial payment of $25

    No initial payment made to the platform

    Free training materials

    Have the opportunity of meeting like minded people

    Get free daily, weekly and monthly mentoring

    Get funding for your business

    Learn the ABC of growing a successful world class business

    Have the opportunity to travel on holiday to different countries of the world

    Participate in the leadership reward plan and receive thousands of dollars cash reward

    Own a brand new car as you climb the leadership ladder

    Receive payment in your local currencies with payment means of your choice

    Make your business global by advertising on the platform

    Enjoy weekly Webinars and training

   If you participate in the Company's Leadership Reward Plan, these will be your rewards & what is needed :

Leadership Ranks and Rewards

Ranks                            Points            Rewards

Coordinator 1             200            $500

Coordinator 2             500            $1500

Manager 1                    1500            $5000

Manager 2                    2500            $7,000 /  Trip to Dubai

General Manager 1         5000            Brand New Saloon Car  / 10,000

Deputy Director              10,000            Brand New SUV car /  $20,000

Director                           20,000            Trip to the Pairs / SUV Car  /  $50,000

                     ( Scroll down for this company's website )

  Joining our company will also help you make more money from other programs we are helping people make money from. That is, we will also be working for you in there. The other program you will make more money from, is HelpingHands International. We will work for you in there too and you will get the following benefits :

 Internet Ready Apple Ipad or Laptop directly from Apple Company

   A Cug Phone

   Money from Stage to Stage - $10 / $1000 / $3000 / $6000 / $12,000 / $80,000
   No Collateral & Interest Free Loan - $12,000 ( N1,980,000 ) and $44,000 ( N7,260,000 )

   Brand New Hyundai Elantra 2014 Model Saloon Car worth $20,000 ( N3,000,000 plus ) from Hyundai Motor company

   Be fully sponsored to learn a Trade and acquire Skills from any country

   Education fund for your children

   Brand New Hyundai Executive Jeep worth $30,000 ( N5,000,000 plus ) from Hyundai Motor Company


   Housing Fund - $40,000 ( N6,600,000 )

   All Expense Paid International Trip to any country of your choice with Spouse or Better Half etc.

    You can as well donate towards our company projects and earn back as much as $4,000,000 ( Four Million Dollars ) both from our company and HelpingHands. We will get you up to 1000 Downlines ( your username or referral link will be used to register all the 1000 downlines. The commission for referring them will all go to you alone ). You will earn back double of the money you donated to our company from us and we will also work for you on Helpinghands and you will earn more.

 This will be your gain with 1000 downlines if you donate to us.

  You will get double of your donated money from our company. Then you will be earning the following from HelpingHands International :

1. Stage Bonus Earnings :

i. Stage One Bonus  -  $10

ii. Stage Two Bonus  -  $1000

iii. Stage Three Bonus  -  $3000

iv. Stage Four Bonus  -  $6000

v. Stage Five Bonus  -  $12,000 X 6 ( Will Complete Stage Five Six Times ) = $72,000

vi. Trustee Or Director Stage Bonus – $80,000 ( Qualified because requirement of Four Direct Downlines had been met )

   Total Stage Bonus Earnings = $162,010 ( N26,731,650 )

2. Earnings For One Thousand ( 1000 ) Direct Downlines:

i. Instant Referring Commission – $8 X 1000 = $8000

ii. Stage Two Completion – $100 X 1000 = $100,000

iii. Stage Three Completion – $150 X 1000 = $150,000

iv. Stage Four Completion – $300 X 1000 = $300,000

v. Stage Five Completion – $600 X 6 X 1000 = $3,600,000

Everyone will complete Stage Five,Six times, so,you will earn commission of $600 from each of your direct Downline Six times. Multiply the total with the number of Direct Downlines you will get ( 1000 ).

Total Commission For One Thousand ( 1000 ) Direct Downlines = $4,158,000

 Total Earnings : $162,010 + $4,158,000 = $4,320,010 ( N712,801,650 )

Other Incentives For Having One Thousand ( 1000 ) Direct Downlines ( Qualified For Full Incentives Which Include Trustee / Director Incentives ) :

A Cug Phone

Apple Laptop or Apple Ipad

Housing fund – $40,000

All Expense Paid International Trip

Yearly Infinity Bonus – $5,000

No Collateral & Interest Free Loan – $44,000

Educational Fund for your Children or relative – $2,000

A Brand New Hyundai Elantra 2014 Model Saloon Car

Brand New Hyundai Executive Jeep Worth N5,000,000 ( Five Million Naira ) plus

Interest FREE Loan ( $12,000 or N1,980,000 ) – on request ( no collateral is required & Interest free )

Empowerment for two people on your recommendation ( each one of them will be given $1000 or N165,000 each )

Empowerment for one Motherless Home or disabled home in your neighborhood on your recommendation. The donation will be on your name.

Trustee or Director Incentives :

Enjoy Global Profit Pool Yearly – $10,000.

Residual Income for Life – $10,000

Automatic yearly qualification to attend Company’s AGM Abroad

Become a Director in charge of the next-in-line-country to be Launched- ( With 1% commission on all sign ups from such country )

As a director, you are entitled to recommend yearly:

Two Orphans from any Orphanage home ( in your neighborhood ) for scholarship award

Scholarship Award for 2 people who must be from your religious settings that you belong (church or mosque)All of these people shall be empowered same day after being investigated.

   You will get our company’s Official Receipt & Certificate for your Payment & Membership Certificate which you can pick up directly from our office or we send them to you.

Other benefits which you will also get but will come directly from our company are :

1. TouchingLives International company’s configured Polo Shirt / Face Cap / Ink Pen / Higher Education Notebook / Jotter / Five Years Calendar as gift

 These will be send to you immediately you join TouchingLives International wherever you are through Courier services

2. We will work for you and make sure you get all the money and incentives HelpingHands INT is giving members.

3. 10% Discount on any of our services you paid for.

4. Special attention whenever you need help from us.
         You will only get all these if you join directly through us, not under our downlines.

          You can see it pays a lot if you join us and allow us work for you. You will be making millions.

                    What are you waiting for ?

                         Take action now.

     Join Us Today & Let Us Work For You. 

   remember, we will be working for you as a team.


   To join us, Check :

       Our Company's Facebook Pages :


                        ( Like the Pages )

  Our Company's Sites :



  GoldMine Resources Center Website :


                                Remember, you can't register yourself. You must pass through someone.

You can contact us through :
              Facebook : tlint2014

              Skype : tlint2014

              BBM PIN : 7B52DE7F  
    ( Do not add us just to be sending bullshit messages to us. We will delete you the moment we noticed you are not adding us for business purpose )

              VIBER : 2348066677674  

              FRING : 2348066677674

              TANGO : 2348066677674

              ALMAOUD : 2348066677674  

              WhatsApp : +2348066677674
 ( Do not add us just to be sending bullshit messages to us. We will delete & block you the moment we noticed you are not adding us for business purpose )

              Yahoo Messenger : tlint2014

              Email :

              Phone : +2348038729885 / +2348182277716

                      +2348158113801 / +2348127630367


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Join TouchingLives International Company & Get All You Need To Earn Money Online ( Especially On MLM Programs That Needs Downlines ) Done For You.

by Charles Aladesiun  |  in TouchingLives International at  17:58

Do you need downlines ( people placed under you ) on your MLM or Network Marketing Programs so that you can move up and earn lot of money on time ?

Do you own a Money Making Program and need people to come in and participate ?

Do you need help on Investigating if a program is safe and is sure to make you lot of money ?

. Are you in need of a Company that can help you handle the building of a good Money Making Program or Company ?

. Do you love to join a Company that is doing all the works required for members to earn money online especially on MLM that requires referring new members and selling stuffs ?

Will you love to join a Company that is bringing the most surest Income Opportunities to people ( after thorough investigation and meeting the admin one on one & plan on inviting the admin to meet members later in future ) and also help them make money from the programs ?

Are you or do you want to be a member of HelpingHands International, an NGO Company from Japan & Philippine that is being sponsored by Japanese Government and other Corporate Organizations. It is in Partnership with Apple Company / HP Company / Hyundai Motor Company.

       The NGO is looking for people to come and join them, partner them and together carry out their Charity activities. They need people to help them locate, identify, recommend those that needs help, like the Sick, Widow, the Less Privileged in general to them, so that, they can help them, change their lives for good.

This NGO company is using a Matrix program through which everyone that partner them will be getting the following benefits as rewards for partnering them :

1. Internet Ready Apple Ipad or Laptop directly from Apple Company


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Earn $30,000 Online Like I did Within Nine Months - Check My Proves Of Earnings.

by Charles Aladesiun  |  in online. at  13:30
Are you aware it is possible to make millions of dollars online ?

Are you aware it is possible to make the kind of money that will sustain you and your family that you won't have to work for someone else but yourself ?

Are you aware Internet can be your one and only source of income like it had been mine since year 2004 and i made $30,000 plus ( Four Million,Eight Hundred Thousand Plus ) from it within nine months with proves ?

Are you aware you can gain all the money you have lost online within a short time if you had lost money one way or the other ?

Are you aware you can be getting paid directly and automatically to your bank account every month without even asking for payment ?

Do you know you can be raking in dollars online without doing anything at all ?

Are you aware you can be making money online without referring anyone or selling anything at all ?

Do you know you can make money from internet without even owning a laptop or having access to internet at all ?

   The answer to all these questions is EarnMillionBucksOnNet.

EarnMillionBucksOnNet is the program you need that will allow you to make millions online,that will allow you to make the kind of money that will sustain you and your family,allow internet to be your main source of income and will give you the opportunity to be getting paid directly and automatically to your local bank account without referring new members,selling anything and without even having access to internet at all.


   EarnMillionBucksOnNet is a program that will pay you back to back without doing anything other than be waiting for payment which will be send automatically and directly to your chosen or preferred method of payment.

                    Benefits of this program are :

Automatic and direct payment to your preferred payment method

Opportunity to get paid directly to your local bank account

No referring or selling needed to earn

Earn without doing anything at all and without even having access to internet

Opportunity to pay a visit to the people in charge & get help on how to make more money online

Get maximum profit for being a member of the program

Be listed as contributor & earn more for free & for life from other upcoming programs.

Opportunity to be an agent for upcoming programs and earn more money online. 

Get help to start your own program & make millions online

Request & get help to advertise your personal program

Request & get free well designed blogsite & be taught how to use it to make more money online

Opportunity to apply to be a partner and earn millions of dollars online

Opportunity to get employed through the company's offline businesses

Earn referral commission instantly for bringing in new people into the program.

Free advertisement for your other programs for life.

  All these are the benefits of being a member of the company.

I already made $30,000 plus ( N4,861,249:00 ) within nine months. Check my proves here - MY PROVES OF $30,000 PLUS .

  To get the full details about the program - check this link : EARNMILLIONBUKSONNET

            You can contact me through : 

                Facebook  :  Charlly008  /  Charles Aladesiun

                Skype  :  Charlly009.

                BBM Pin : 7B52DE7F

                WhatsApp : 08066677674  or  +2348066677674.   

                Yahoo Messenger :  Charlly009.

                E-mail :

                Mobile Lines -  2348066677674





                                 Richard Through :

              Facebook : Aladesiun Richard

              Skype : aladrichard

             Yahoo Messenger : aladrichard

             E-Mail :

             Mobile Line : 08163159531


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Join These Programs & Get Paid Directly & Automatically Everyday - No Referral Needed - Will Help You Get Referrals For Your Other Programs.

by Charles Aladesiun  |  in Matrix. at  21:20
Join these programs and you will be making money directly and automatically to your payment accounts everyday. You don't need to request for payments and you don't need to refer before you get paid. They are 100% sure programs that will make you money for a long time. They will also help you advertise your stuffs or products or programs to people online for free.This will generate more money for you.

Join & Get Paid $9 / $15 / $30 / $60 / $100 / $200 / $400 / $800 Multiple Times Directly & Automatically To Your Payment Accounts.

by Charles Aladesiun  |  at  21:19
Join these programs and you will be getting paid $9 / $15 / $30 / $60 / $100 / $200 / $400 / $800 multiple times. I mean this and it is 100% guarantee.

    You may join,activate your account and do nothing more. You will be having new members placed under you and they will be sending money to your payment accounts. 


      The money you will be getting will be going straight to your payment accounts,no third party. There is no need to request for payment,it will be sent directly and automatically to your payment accounts - Paypal / Solidtrustpay / Payza / Perfectmoney / Egopay / Okpay.

I made $60 Within Two Days From This 2012 Registered Company – Join Now & Make Yours & Win Brand New Cars.

by Charles Aladesiun  |  at  21:07

If you want to be making money online or you have been making money online and you want to make more,this program is for you. it is the best i have ever seen online.It had been operating since the year 2012 and it is a legally registered company ( the proof of which are display on the site for members to see ).


You Only Need To Join This Program & You Will Be Getting Paid Automatically Forever.

by Charles Aladesiun  |  at  21:01
When someone who happens to be a good friend of mine who is from Philippine told me about this program,i did not shown any interest. But he told me to at least check it out and assured me that,i will love it. I told him i have seen programs like that,i mean using the same plan. But he told me to check it out first,that the plan is entirely different and it is the first of its kind.

  I did not check it that day,thinking that,it is the same type of programs i have joined before. But after some days,i checked it out and to my surprise,it happens to be the best program i have ever joined. I blamed myself for not considering the program when i was first told.I would have made lot of money from it by now.

This Is A Must Join Now For Anyone Wishing to Make Money Online.

by Charles Aladesiun  |  in Matrix at  20:58
This program is a must join for anyone who is wishing to be making money online and you must join right now before it is too late. This isn't an investment program that die off within a short time,no. This program had been online since year 2012 and right now,having over 30,000 members out of which 10,000 plus are full members.

  The moment i was introduced to the program,i loved it. I am sure you too will.

   This program guarantee 100% income for life for its members. Believe me,there are lot of benefits members are getting from it. You need to join now before it is too late.

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